Chicago on Broadway!


I’m hyperventilating with joy. Bucket list item achieved!

I’m so lucky. I need to stress that. I am so incredibly lucky.

My favorite musical of all time is Chicago. The plot line involves a prison full of women who are there because they murdered their significant others. As the musical unfolds, you watch as they build defenses based on lies and try to use the media to their advantage. I love the music, the storyline, Roxy Hart’s devious ways, and Velma Kelly’s attempts to maintain her fame. It’s sexy. It’s funny. And it’s even better live and on Broadway.

My significant other might have had concerns about my complete adoration for a story involving women killing their romantic partners, but the fact that everyone was performing in what amounted to lingerie made him feel better about the whole experience. Obviously, I’m being a wee bit tongue in cheek but can you believe there were families that brought kids to the show? I was kind of dumbfounded when I saw a nine year old. It’s not that kind of musical people!

All the core actors were phenomenal. The actress that played Roxy Hart perfectly embodied Roxy Hart. To a tee. And Billy Flynn? The actor was so good at his role as a smooth talking lawyer. I wanted to flirt with him so he could tell me the only thing he cared about was my money. Velma Kelly was such a strong character that was pulled off with such precision. I really have nothing bad to say! The whole cast should be tremendously proud of themselves!


Waiting for the show to start!

I Seriously Can Not Believe the Talent of These People. Their dancing and singing was out of this world… and the women did it in heels! Everyone was ridiculously good. Even those who were meant to be only background dancers stood out because they just rocked.

Obviously, I can geek out about this all day long. It’s hard to talk about how great a show is without wanting to spoil the plot or ruin the ending.

And if you can’t make it to Broadway? The movie is pretty wonderful too. Catherine Zeta-Jones nails the Velma Kelly character.



Tips and Toes

So I’m preparing for another vacation (as if my tour of the eastern seaboard wasn’t enough), but this time it’s off to Eastern Washington. Like many women heading off to sunny lands, I’m dithering over what to paint my nails. Priorities people. Priorities.

Otherwise known as first world problems.


I’m loving the idea of using these two colors. They just scream summer fun to me! I’m thinking Deborah Lippmann’s Blue Orchid Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish on my fingers. Then adding a pop of orange color to my toes with Deborah Lippmann’s Hot Child in the City. It could work right?

Do you have a summer nail polish combo that you’re rocking this year?

My Summer Hair Saviors

I like to travel. Sometimes those travels lead me to places with a hot sun, salty ocean waters, or enough heat to cause sweat to cake in my hair. The end of the story is that I tend to get pretty dry hair and that is not cute. It really isn’t. Here is what I like to use to get my hair feeling healthy again. Nobody likes to run their fingers through what feels like straw, amiright?!


Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 – I haven’t read the ingredients list on this but I’m pretty sure it’s made of magic. It’s like rewinding your hair to before you screwed it over with bleach and playing in the ocean. Sometimes if I feel like I really need to apologize to my hair, I’ll leave this in overnight. It’s magic. MAGIC. You can find it for $28 at Sephora.


Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil Serum – I feel like this resurrects my hair from the dead. It gives it back its life and vitality when I’m pretty sure I thought I killed it. Moreover, it does me the favor of being an oil that doesn’t turn me into a grease ball. I think it’s because my hair actually absorbs all this oil has to give, helping to give it more strength and resilience. This is also available at Sephora.

What do you use when the summer has fried your hair?

Clare’s Crispy and Spicy Fish Cakes – Not Fish Balls.


I decided to try Clare with the Hair’s Crispy and Spicy Fish Cakes. Let’s put an emphasis on the spicy though, because omg, my stomach cramped up in a fiery mess upon eating these.

Not only that, the recipe destroyed my kitchen. We are talking epic disaster. I’m totally someone who cleans dishes as they go along, but for some reason, rampant destruction still ensued.

To be fair, the directions weren’t the clearest for someone like me who’s skill in the kitchen borders on basic. I need everything spelled out so clear there can be zero room for error. Otherwise, horror happens. HORROR.

Furthermore, I seem to not understand the power ginger has. It never fails. Ginger will always be my secret spice of death. It’s so easy to use too much, and I fully believe this recipe used too much! Or maybe I did. I’m not quite sure. All I know, is there is such a thing as too spicy!


It’s such a shame too, because I could tell that this would’ve been PHENOMENAL if I hadn’t overdone it with the hot ingredients. You could tell, this was meant to be great!

Unfortunately, after I made them, half of them didn’t get eaten because people kept describing them as giant fish balls. Fish cakes sound so much more appetizing than fish balls, yeah? Though the term “Fish Balls” does make me giggle like an eight year old boy.

All I can say, is have your glass of milk ready because this one? It’s going down in flames.

Chocolatiere de Victoria, a Shop in Victoria, British Columbia


I got drunk on truffles. You read that right. I GOT DRUNK ON TRUFFLES.

That’s not meant to be a metaphor. The truffles I ate were infused with brandy. Taking a bite literally felt like taking a shot of the hard stuff. It made my belly warm, my mouth happy and me tipsy.

I’m what you might call a “lightweight”.


This was the nougat of joy that did it for me. 

When in Victoria, British Columbia, this new novel idea was presented to me in the shop Chocolatiere de Victoria as I sniffed for truffles. I had never seen them with alcohol and there were so many options! I wanted one of everything! Be aware, that is pretty typical of me when I’m in *any* truffle shop… One of everything!

In this case, Chocolatiere de Victoria, you got me. Well, you got me pretty buzzed anyway. I think I’ll stick to your “virgin” truffles from now on.


Cosmetic Ingredient – Cetyl Alcohol


Photo from

Cetyl Alcohol is a bit misleading. You hear the term “alcohol” and have instant visions of stripped skin and hellacious dryness. No worries here though, cetyl alcohol is not in the same family as those alcohols. You see, those alcohols are related to ethanol. Cetyl alcohol is related to plant oils. Big difference, right? Therefore, products can be sold as “alcohol-free” while containing cetyl alcohol. Confused? Don’t be. Just know that having cetyl alcohol in your makeup and skincare is most likely fine.

The thing is though is that cetyl alcohol does come from several different sources. It can be one of the end products of the petroleum industry, which sounds icky and I personally would choose not to use that particular brand of cetyl alcohol on my face. It can also be derived from sperm whales, but thankfully, our humanity kicked in and it is no longer sourced from whales. The best, in my personal opinion, is when cetyl alcohol is vegetable based and taken from oils such as palm and coconut. Much better for the face and much more preferable amiright?!

So what is the point of cetyl alcohol? Why does it exist in an array of products from lipstick to skin cream to conditioner? For one thing, it is a thickener for lotions, creams, and liquids and helps with the spreadability of a product. It can also be an emulsifier, helping the liquid and oil bind together and prevent separation of your product. It also is an emollient, so you can expect your skin and/or hair to feel softer with use.

It is a white waxy substance that only melts at higher temperatures, much like palm oil and coconut oil. In addition, it is safe for use in food. This has implications for cosmetics because that also means it is safe to use on the lips! Which means lipsticks, lip balms, glosses and much much more! It is a popular product to use in makeup because the higher melting rate and emollient properties help color bind to skin. Check out those cream blushers and lippie products. It probably contains cetyl alcohol.

And if it doesn’t say cetyl alcohol specifically? It is also known as 1-hexadecanol and palmityl alcohol. Cetyl alcohol is also a major component of cetearyl alcohol. It’s also highly affordable, costing about six dollars for one pound of product.

Cetyl alcohol can be a great ingredient most of the time, however there are exceptions. If you have irritated skin, refrain from using this product. If you have sensitive skin, you might try patch testing first as some people do experience contact irritation such as imflammation and redness. Be particularly conscious if you have rosacea or psoriasis. I repeat, PATCH TEST if this fits your skin! Otherwise, it is generally decent for the majority of the population.

So what have we learned today? Cetyl alcohol is a good alcohol. It’s emollient, emulsive, and thickening. It’s amazeballs in lipstick and *maybe* avoid if your skin is wonky. One more time, patch test if you have worries. Lesson over, and we’ll see what next time brings!

Products containing Cetyl Alcohol:
Paula’s Choice Skincare – Smooth Finish Conditioner

Seven Unflattering Photos of Me While Travelling

I’ve decided to post the most unflattering photos from my trip becaaaause, why not humble myself? Besides, someone once told me that no one in the history of ever posts bad photos of themselves. You’re welcome internet.

And honestly, I think we need more reality on the internet, because personally, I’m a little sick of the perfectly staged photos that are so rampant in Instagram.

Let’s begin:

I’m pretty sure I look as dead and lifeless as the children in the painting. Just saying.

In this photo, I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered the art of walking like a zombie. Just give me a flesh eating virus and an appetite for brains and I am *there.*

That awkward moment when you haven’t actually thought about your pose.

My hair turned into a sweaty rat’s nest and I seem to look wonderfully high. I promise, I was high on history! (Yay for bad jokes!)

There are an embarrassing amount of photos of this moment in particular where my EYES ARE CLOSED. And let’s face it, that top is doing my figure no favors!

Do I really need to explain? This is me talking lovey dovey to a dog. I hope I don’t look like this when I talk to my boyfriend!

Note to my boyfriend: never take a picture of me squatting ever again. Ever. And again, that hair is a horror movie. Eek.

And that is today’s internet version of reality tv. I find it quite freeing to post the good, the bad, and the ugly. How about you? How do you feel about posting unflattering photos?